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Our Fruit Growers

‘At the Academy (at the Compal Fruitology Centre) we learn to practise sustainable farming and produce quality fruit.’


Fruit and vegetable purchase area

‘I am proud and pleased to work for fruit, and with fruit, for the Compal brand. It is constantly challenging because we want to continue innovating with different types of fruit, varieties that you can tell apart through flavour, their origin, or with delicious combinations.’

Relationship with farmers

‘We need to be demanding about what we process in order to produce with the quality standards that meet consumer expectations. This is where the agricultural sector comes in creating a relationship with suppliers and producers in order to ensure the same quality.’

Developing recipes

‘In order to make a juice or nectar, it is crucial to have a good palate and imagination. Every fruit has a thousand possibilities. And they increase when we start mixing different varieties, berries, or vegetables.’

Nutrition sector

‘Fruit has a special role whenever we think about well-being, nutrition, and health. I am a nutritionist and I am proud to contribute to giving it the leading role it deserves.’

Quality sector

‘We make a difference through our quality, which is highly rewarded by our consumers when they consume Compal's products and the brand's continued prestige.’


‘We are extremely proud to belong to this great family, where a great team takes on the responsibility, every day, of working in the lab following the highest quality standards in order to bring to everyone's table what we do best.’

Acceptance of fruits and vegetables

‘We select the best raw material at the fruit quay and in the Vegetable and Tomato Product section in order to prepare our fruit juices and nectars as well as our tasty tomato pulp.’

Packaging Team

‘This team is proudly responsible for packaging delicious fruit juices and nectars with different textures in order for all their flavour to reach those who enjoy it.’

Planning Team

‘Logistical planning is a coordination of efforts between wanting to have it and making it possible!’

Distribution Team

‘In logistics, we follow the life of our products throughout every link in the supply chain from planning to post-sales. With passion, we get our fruit juices and nectars to the hands of our clients and consumers.’

Sales Team

‘We are daily committed with long-lasting enthusiasm to getting fruitology to every snack-bar and café in Portugal every morning.’


Superstores and supermarkets Team

‘Through an excellent relationship with our clients, we make sure that our fruit juices and nectars reach all superstores and supermarkets in Portugal.’



‘We are happily dedicated to building the image of an orchard at our client homes with organic materials awakening us to fruitology.’

Mr. Batalha

‘There are many times when they ask me for a fruit juice... the only fruit juice here is Compal! I only ask them which fruit.’


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